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You Try To Parse Paris

Of course the t-shirt follows the blood spill, with impromptu flowered memorials, and world landmarks are quick to beam a signature of solidarity in the tricolors.

And grief for the dead innocents can’t find a valid voice of grievance as prayers and platitudes punk us.

The human race running in place. If not pacing backwards?

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Chuck Todd ET Al

This Republic is for rummies. A Democracy for drunks. The best place to watch its political debates is via a dive bar’s plasma, the volume muted, an instant and best guess closed caption scrolling to an accompanying esoteric analogue juke box. Playing loud. Something like the Clash doing, “Death Or Glory,” or early K and D working bass and drums on “Rolling on Chrome.”

The duo duel mix of one-hit wonder anti-republic Republicans with the rhythmic rise of an anti-pluralist Left is a playlist revolting. And in constant rotation by pundits punch drunk for access. They spin for the quote, while shying from the consequences of the words.

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So The Admin Is “Admin”



Damn, how to you get a gig working a WordPress site for a POTUS possibility and your admin login remains “admin.” But that could be a ploy? Right?

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to the g’s Of G Of The GOP

to the g’s Of G Of The GOP Let’s Add… The Grifter.

I’m not quick to cliché God, Guns, and Gays, but to that GOP troika, dear Comrade, we can now add “Grifters.” The petty swindler, the short con.

The hard truth of government by the people, is that, for the most part, it’s delusional, in a small “D” democratic way. A voter picks a power player to proxy the voter’s interest and parse matters both piddling and of great import.

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While Others Write The Great American Novel, I’m Rearranging Deck Chairs.


While Others Write The Great American Novel, I’m Rearranging Deck Chairs.

And it’s all because of politics, damn it. The United States General Election of 2016 is to blame. And my need to post about this process is the punishment I bare. Mitigation, blessedly, is part of the methodology because manipulation of a posting platform is required. And given that I’ve chirped away about elections on everything from a pre-internet, pre-GUI, DOS-based two-line Wildcat Bulletin Board, to a password required Squarespace site, should shout “tell”… I enjoy the toggle.

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If You’re Too Political To Compromise You’re Too Compromised To Be A Politician

If You’re Too Political To Compromise You’re Too Compromised To Be A Politician.

Much Less A Leader. In A Republic, that is. A democratic republic.

If you can’t or will not work with others to cut a deal, then you lack, from the get go, what the Founding Father’s considered the quintessential requirement of civic responsibility and the necessary character trait needed for self governance….disinterest. Not being uninterested. But being disinterested.

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I Want To Just Say No.

If I could slot content into categories I could have been a contender. I’ve sandboxed my posting positions for the coming presidential election but too shy to pull the trigger. I’m not sure if I want to allow comments. I’m not sure if I want to include the doggerel. Not sure if independent dissent matters, or that it’s all just a serving of dessert to the trolls of tribalism, both left and right.

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Sunday After Fun-day 

So all dressed up and nowhere to go. And a all that after going minimal on the bourbon last night; to better mimosa this morning at a brunch with dog pack buddies. But alas, dreams of biscuits and gravy kaput, as the Crosby’s Kitchen confluence was canceled.

And now within the hour, a Bears game… but it’s a football season footnote at best.

So I’m left to ponder how a Speaker Of The U.S. House can hold, simultaneously, the pleonexia principles of Ayn Rand Objectivism, while pleading St Paul’s admonishment to love neighbor as self.

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