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Well, Pilgrim?

Suckers. How Goebbels y’all. Many seem ready to forgo the gobble gobble as Uncle X is obviously an agent provocateur with a ready ladle of thick and toxic tribal gravy. You jive turkeys. How anachronistic… Keep Reading


Poi For Hoi Polloi

I could invest many an hour trying to snark a horrific honorific that sums the Big Kahuna of Birtherism having parlayed his pettifoggery to perch atop the Beltway… as now… President? Elect Of These Here… Keep Reading


Still In One’s Cups

Still in one’s cups account for the swill I’m slapping up here…until sober or none too soon doomsday. And even money on which arrives first. I feel the need for about a month of mindless… Keep Reading

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