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Hooked On Likelihood

An airplane falls out of the sky, an event that just can’t happen, but the post 9/11 media “cant” is quick to capitulate to terror as the cause. A theory with high altitude probability, but no proof, but presented with an attitude of certainty that curiously is a form of appeasement. hysics, the mechanical, or… Keep Reading

Eye Rhyme

Blister. A Political Prose Poem.

Must we muss this democratic fuss. Dressed in a despair threadbare yet always vogue. Forever in fashion, this hand-me down capitalism, ragging the rich only when the ditch rises high enough to rinse clean their bourgeois derrières of the static cling of statist superiority. And once part of the con, now the mark, My Word,… Keep Reading


Seriously! Serious. Seriously?

To hog-tie the luminary, make him a serious political player with serious policy positions, deserving of a serious hearing and debate befitting a nominee of the GOP. When he bullies, plead disappointment that his deportment doesn’t live up to the seriousness of his “hero’s” quest or the nation’s challenges… but you expect that’s but a… Keep Reading


The “Commons” Cause

from yours truly via Twitterverse …sunrise yesterday since 96 been posting political prose on the web…this cycle.. Flash Fictions- given the climate, seems apropos nd that political climate has social media feeds suggesting many are opting out of participating in on-line political discussions due to the increasingly hyper-partisan and poisonous back and forth this general… Keep Reading


When Empathy Is On Empty What Fuels?

hen Empathy Is On Empty What Fuels? The fool fuels. The fool and the fools that follow. The fools of the Enlightenment, and the fools who fear modernity. The fools of the State of North Carolina and the fools of a Federal Government, joined in a pitched battle over public bathroom accommodations. The fool who… Keep Reading

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