Todays Paraphrase


Todays Paraphrase:

I was listening to Sean Hannity rile up the radio about Sanders being not only a socialist, but maybe a Marxist, and Bernie could well be a Communist. He shared this with a right-wing pundit in a discussion of the current economy.

This guest remarked that when he did a Fox News TV guest spot it sometimes originated from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. And the kid who wired up this pundit for some remote talking head Face Time had a recent degree in electrical engineering from Penn State University. And the new graduate was despondent about his gig. (to just mic-up up some mouthpiece to proffer some more sad ass trickle down?) But it was the only work he could get.

To which our hero Sean replied, “How sad that the kid can’t get a job that he deserves.” Deserves! Just who’s the Marxist?

And added extra value: “Television has made dictatorship impossible but democracy unbearable.”— Shimon Peres.

A comment Without Context….#38


O.K. Don’t waste your vote. I admire you’re courage. But caution that you are not voting in a democracy. The United States is a republic. Which is why the GOP often controls the legislative branch, or part thereof, in spite of a minority vote tally. And why “W” backdoored into the Whitehouse. The founders felt there is a danger in direct democracy and spoke to that concern. Designing a government based on checks and balances means strategic voting goes hand and glove. Good luck with your coming book.



On January 19th I posted Facebook …..”Trump won’t finish higher than third in Iowa. Doug’s two law of political pandering.” ….So I missed Trump’s rump numbers by a percentage point and a pubic hair. I won. O.K….flip a coin.

bone1Last polls, on the ground, in the Hawkeye showed Trump up five or seven. Why the skew….. some campaign tracked who was being polled and told the committed …a lie to the main-lame stream media was no sin. God’s work. With the small sample, so easy to throw shit in the game.

Not only did the fib have the pollster’s flailing, it suggested to the Trump “GOTV” crew that everything was jake, and the future makes a fool of  any who would dare play prognosticator, while giving pause to the validity of coming future cross tabs. Until South Carolina, that is.

You’re Welcome

* GOTV, for all y’all election rookies, translates to “get out the vote.”

And if you don’t know what a “Push Poll” is,  stick around, the subject will be sure to sunshine in South Carolina.

Money Doesn’t Talk, It SCREAMS!


With all kudos to the Zuck, anytime a single individual can acquire seven billion dollars in one business quarter when the middle class economy is cheering a .02 percent wage increase is an economic rot that reeks of a coming political revolution. And that’s a worrisome bottom line. Don’t ya think?

I Spy A Sly Guy


I really like Peter G’s comment to a PM Carpenter take on Comrade Cruz:

“I’m beginning to believe that my own initially facetious theory has merit. I reiterate: Ted Cruz is the conscripted son of a mole Cuban agent of Castro injected into the Cuban refugee stream when Castro took over.

backgroundpad4Unvetted and unvettable as they were it is inevitable that some refugees were moles. The behavior of such a mole is predictable: adopt a cover as a complete ideological opponent of the Castro regime, wrap yourself in the flags of religion and patriotism, while at the same time sowing as much dissension and discord as possible in the ideological ranks of the party you have infiltrated. The ultimate goal being to shut down the government of the United States.

I feel I am on sound theoretical grounds here and I rely of Einstein for support. His gedanken experiment that produced the General Theory of Relativity relies on the inability of a sealed off observer to distinguish between a gravitational field or an external applied force that uniformly accelerated that observer. If you can’t tell the difference there is no difference. I believe Americans have a duck related aphorism that expresses this neatly.”

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